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Opto Mechical

ARAMIS Applications

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  • GOM provides a complete solution with the ARAMIS for measuring, evaluation and reporting.
    Please find more information about the ARAMIS system in the ARAMIS metrology system page.
    GOM completely develops the ARAMIS hardware and software in house. The software is designed to run the sensor and controller, to process all measurements, to automatically compute result data and to perform post-processing.
    ARAMIS is an industrial grade solution providing all necessary functionalities even for complex research tasks.

TRITOP Deformation Software


  • ARAMIS is integrated in standard process chains through versatile import and export capabilities. Material parameters, testing device outputs and data logs are imported and used for further calculation of characteristic values.
    CAD data can be used for transformations and deviation calculations.
  • Native: Catia v4/v5, UG, ProE
  • General: IGES, STL, VDA, STEP

To close the process loop, all result data are exported in standard or free definable formats.

  • All workflows are available for automated use with a record and play procedure. New analysis models can easily be implemented by the operator and added to the standard evaluation as ARAMIS offers a scripting interface.