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Opto Mechical

TRITOP Deformation

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TRITOP Deformation

  • The portable TRITOP system measures coordinates of three-dimensional objects quickly and precisely. Measuring tasks that traditionally were performed by tactile 3D coordinate measuring machines can now easily be carried out with the TRITOP system.

    The TRITOP deformation module allows capturing multiple load situations from an object. From the displacement of the markers and the features, the movement and the deformation of the corresponding object is defined.

TRITOP Deformation Software

  • TRITOP Deformation Viewer
  • The free TRITOP Deformation Viewer allows for easily interchanging 3D measuring results and reports. Instead of working with printed tables and 2D reports, the TRITOP Deformation Viewer supports the interaction between colleagues and customers with 3D visualizations of coordinates, displacements, accelerations and velocities.

    With the TRITOP Deformation Viewer, GOM provides not only a free viewing tool for complete TRITOP Deformation projects but also a free working tool which allows the development engineer to perform his own problem-oriented analysis and thus freeing up measuring capacities.

    All necessary functionalities are part of the TRITOP Deformation Viewer:
    • Creating further analyses
    • User defined legends
    • Handling CAD data for visualizations
    • Creating and exporting measuring reports and videos
  • The current Viewer may be downloaded here.

TRITOP Deformation Viewer