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Opto Mechical

PONTOS (3D Motion Analysis)

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PONTOS - Dynamic 3D Analysis

  • Modern product development demands a better understanding of the dynamic component behavior. This requires an efficient component development of just a few iteration cycles. For the measuring technology to be used, this means that in addition to high absolute accuracies, numerous measuring points and an efficient practical handling are required. In contrast to conventional displacement measuring systems, the PONTOS system reduces the measuring procedure to a fraction of the time. In addition, the understanding of the measuring results is visually supported by an animated representation.
    PONTOS replaces conventional displacement measuring systems and accelerometers. Independent of the structures to be measured, displacements and deformations are captured rapidly in a non-contact manner.

ARAMIS - Optical 3D Deformation Analysis

  • Door/hood slam Dynamic behavior of components
  • Component position in windtunnel
  • Deformation measurement of aerodynamically loaded structures
  • NVH Drop tower tests
  • Verification of simulations
  • Results
  • The dynamic measuring system PONTOS provides for any number of measuring points information about:
    • 3D Coordinates
    • 3D Displacements
    • Deformation
    • Speed
    • Acceleration


These results are presented in versatile manners and are available to export as ASCII datasets. Due to a visualization of the recorded camera images combi- ned with diagrams, the component behavior can be analyzed easily and in an intuitive manner.

Measuring Tasks

  • Measuring Tasks
  • The easy handling of the robust measuring system allows its use directly on-site with the component to be measured in its natural installation position and environment. Complex measuring tasks in the automotive industry as well as in the aerospace industry can be solved easily and fast.
    • Complex motion analysis
    • Component deformation
    • Mode shapes
    • Relative motion
    • Gap size changes
    • Flush
  • PONTOS Features
    • Simple specimen preparation
    • Ultra-light measurement targets
    • Frame rates independent of the number of the captured markers
    • Customized triggering of the image acquisition
    • Recording of analog signals
    • Insensitivity to ambient conditions, such as vibrations and light changes
    • Easy adjustment to different measuring areas and tasks
  • Complete workflow in one software application
  • The entire measuring, evaluation and documentation process is carried out within the integrated PONTOS Software. The full potential of the available hardware is used to capture and evaluate the measuring area efficiently and with high accuracy. Learn more about the functionality of the powerful PONTOS Softwarein the Software pages.

Complete workflow in one software application

Technical Data

The PONTOS system records analog signals to trigger the image capturing and to document the load situation and the measuring sequence.

Technical Data
  System Configurations PONTOS5M PONTOS4M PONTOS12M
2448x2050 2358x1728 4096x3072 1280x1024
FrameRate(Hz) upto15(29) upto60(480) upto24(367) upto500(4000)
MeasuringArea cm²upto>m² cm²upto>m² cm²upto>m² cm²upto>m²
Accuracy depending on measuring area upto 0.001mm
unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
CameraBase fixed/variable fixed/variable fixed/variable fixed/variable
- - - -
Laserpointer 3or1 3or1 3or1 3or1
Illumination integrated integrated integrated integrated
High-End19"PC - - - -
Notebook -
ControlDevice SensorController SensorController SensorController SensorController
SpecimenTemperature typ.-100°Cupto+1500°C
Weight(kg) 5 7 7 7

Additional configurations

Additional configurations
CameraResolution(pixel) upto1024x1024
FrameRate(Hz) upto5000(1000000)
MeasuringArea cm²upto>m²
Accuracy dependingonmeasuringareaupto0.001mm
Numberofmeasuredmarkers  unlimited
CameraBase variable
Illumination external
High-End19"PC -
Notebook -
ControlDevice optional
SpecimenTemperature typ.-100°Cupto+1500°C
  • Additional configurations
  • On request, there ia a special High Speed configuration available, with frame rate up to 5000Hz (1000000Hz) and camera resolution up to 1024 x 1024 pixel.

Application Notes

Find out more about the practical use of the ARAMIS Measuring System. View all ARAMIS application notes. ATOS application notes.