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Opto Mechical

Automated Quality Control

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ATOS Inspection Cell: Automated Optical Metrology

  • Automation continues to grow as an important tool in industrial process chains. GOM offers innovative solutions that enable companies to integrate optical metrology seamlessly in their automated processes. GOM has experience in the full integration of measurement solutions, and sets new standards in process security and ease of operation.
  • Full automation with optical metrology from GOM offers:
    • increased efficiency in quality control
    • Higher productivity
    • Higher accuracy
    • Major cost reductions

ATOS 제품사진

  • Automated metrology from a single source
  • GOM offers an ideal automation concept for industrial quality control requirements. Our solutions comprise reliable and industrial hardware, process-safe software and precise, trouble-free integration into individual industrial environments.
    Using the GOM metrology solutions, inspection in the entire process chain becomes an integral part of quality assurance in production processes.

ATOS 제품사진

ATOS 제품사진

  • Process-safe hardware
  • The ATOS sensor is designed for flexible automated use in industrial environments. The innovative technology can be integrated in conventional industry robots and other handling devices. The robot is controlled directly from the GOM's measurement software or via PLC setup, and positions the sensor automatically. GOMs proven dynamic referencing assures high measurement accuracy independent from robot accuracy and calibration. Both multi-axis motion units and turntables can also be utilized.
    More information about the ATOS 3D Digitizer is available here.
  • Process-safe software
  • The ATOS Professional software harmonizes optimally with automated workflow. The powerful software is independently tested and certified by German and American national measurement laboratories (PTB, NIST), and makes it possible to trace all measurement results and to exchange data efficiently with CAD and quality management systems. As a result, standardized and centralized parts inspections can be implemented across various departments.
  • Process-safe software

  • Virtual Measuring Room
  • The Virtual Measuring Room (VMR) is a virtual but functional representation of the real measurement environment. This unique software module offers a comprehensive array of versatile functions.
    The VMR is an integrated solution that maps the entire automated measurement process chain in a single software package.
    • Offline programming
    • Online programming
    • Data capture
    • 3D data processing
    • Inspection
    • Reporting
    • GOM Inspect - Free inspection, mesh processing and viewing software

Virtual Measuring Room

More information about the ATOS Professional software and the Virtual Measuring Room is available here.

  • Skilled integration
  • Our long years of experience in all sectors of industry and comprehensive understanding of automated processes make GOM a valued partner all over the globe. With a sophisticated mix of reliable hardware, process-safe software and full integration into existing processes, GOM delivers integrated solutions that are a perfect fit for the needs of manufacturing companies in industry today.

Skilled integration

Application Notes

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