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Opto Mechical

Quantum Efficiency Measurement Guide

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  • 태양전지(Photovoltaic Cells) 의 Solar Cell의 양자효율(IQE : Internal Quantum efficiency), Spectral Response, IPCE (Incident Photon to Charge Carrier Efficiency, External QE)등의 태양전지의 단파장에 대한 특성을 평가하기 위한 장비구성이다.
  • Newport/Oriel에서는 사용자의 요구에 의한 구성이 가능하며, 사용하기 쉬운 Software 구현으로 아래와 같이
    나눌 수 있다.
  • Simple QE/IPCE Measurement Kit
  • External QE(EQE) & Internal QE(IQE) 동시 측정 시스템 Measurement Type : AC or DC, AC & DC 동시 적용 시스템
  • Scan Wavelength : 300~100nm, 300~1800nm, 350~1800nm, 360~1800nm
  • Optional Integrating Sphere, White Bias Source, Sample Holders with Temp controlled & Working TableWavelength dependent IV measurement
  • QE Measurement의 기본 구성을 아래와 같다.
  • Light Sources : 150W Xe, 300W Xe or 250W QTH Lamps(depends on scan wavelength)
  • Monochraomtic Light Source : Monochromators with Focal Length 130mm or 260mm, 2 or 3 Gratings, Motorized Order Sorting Filter wheel/filters(2 or 3 filter depends on scan wavelength), Greater light throughput due to larger acceptance cone
  • Chopper System with 2 Aperture Wheel for AC measurement
  • Merlin Lock-in Amplifiers with 4CH Mulitplexer for AC measurement: Optical Power Meter and detectors for DC Measurement(needed dark box)
  • Two Calibrated Si or sandwich Detectors with 50/50 Beam Splitter(IQE200 System)
  • A Current Amplifier
  • Data Gathering Part with Software

Selecting a QE Measurement

Selecting a QE Measurement
QE Measurement Systems Measurement Type Scan Wavelength Features & Specification
Oriel® IQE-200™ System Oriel® IQE-200™ System  새창으로 열립니다. AC
300~1100n 350~1800nm 300~1800nm 360~1800nm - Sample 의 이동없이 one click으로 EQE, IQE 동시측정
- Patent Pending (Quantum Efficiency Measurement System
and Method of Use)
- Simultaneous 4 channel Data Acquisition, enables very rapid
- Pre-installed dedicated software with single button data
- Designed for all types of solar cells including Tandem/
Multi-junction designs
- Transmission measurement optional
- Integrating Sphere Optional
- Custom IQE system for Glove box
Oriel® Simple QE/IPCE  System Oriel® Simple QE/IPCE System 새창으로 열립니다. AC
300~1100nm 350~1800nm 300~1800nm 360~1800nm - Preselected components for the QE/IPCE measurements
- Simple, yet flexible software that measures QE with a simple
configuration setup
- All components from Newport which makes support easy

QE Accessories & More Information

QE Accessories & More Information
Bandpass Filters for UV Solar Simulators Air Mass Filters Hi Flux Beam Concentrator for Solar Simulators Reference Solar  Cell and Meter Exposure Control Instruments for Large Area Illuminators
White Bias Source IQE Software Chiller Module Vacuum Pump IQE Configuration
Partial SUN Attenuator IV Test Station Solar Configuration Air-Mass Conditions  
IQE with sphere Configuration IQE Result IQE Result_2 Vacuum Chuck