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Opto Mechical

Laser Diode Instrument

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Laser Diode Control & Mounts

  • Laser Diode driver 와 TEC(Temperature controller)는 Laser Diode를 안정적인 조정과 보호기능을 제공한다. Laser diode mount는 Air cooling 또는 Passive cooling방법을 사용하여 High power laser diode, TO-CAN laser diode, Butterfly package, DIP-DILL package, high power laser diode package 에 사용된다.

Motion Selection Guide pdfLaser Diode Selection Guide

Laser Diode Drivers, 500B Seriesr

500B Series

  • Low noise current sources with better than 50 ppm long-term stability
  • Full package of operational features and time-tested laser diode safety features
  • Three models are available to cover laser current levels from below 50 mA up to 6 A

Motion Selection Guide pdf500B Series

Model 350B TEC Controller

Model 350B TEC Controller

  • Ultra-stable temperature control (±0.001°C) over a broad temperature range
  • Compatible with the most widely-used temperature sensors: thermistors, and AD590/592 and LM135/335 IC sensors
  • Wide TEC temperature range from -50 to +150°C (sensor dependent)

Motion Selection Guide pdf350B TEC Controller

Telecom Laser Diode Mounts, 740 Series

Telecom Laser Diode Mounts, 740 Series

  • Compatible with DIL and butterfly packages
  • Highly stable temperature control
  • Very efficient heat transfer increases laser diode lifetime
  • Compact, lightweight package

Motion Selection Guide pdf740 Series

High-Power Laser Diode Driver, 5700 Series

5700 Series

  • CW power up to 3000 W!
  • CW and pulsed current operation up to 150A
  • Compliance voltage up to 30V to accommodate a diode stack
  • Advanced laser diode protection schemes
  • Analog monitor outputs available for fast LIV characterization

Motion Selection Guide pdf5700 Series

Modular Multi-Channel Laser Diode Controller, Model 8000

Model 8000

  • Comprehensive laser diode protection features
  • Large graphics display, allowing full four-channel visibility
  • Complete laser diode characterization (L,V,I) using 8500 modules
  • Complete TE cooler characterization (ITE, VTE) using 8350 module

Motion Selection Guide pdf8000 Series

TE Cooled TO-CAN LD Mounts, 700 series

700 series

  • Versatile platform for mounting and controlling laser diodes with output powers up to 3 W
  • Wide operating temperature range of -20°C to +80°C
  • High efficiency heat transfer extends laser diode lifetime
  • Both 3-pin and 4-pin sockets are shipped
  • Model 700 handles both 5.6 mm and 9 mm TO-can type laser diodes

Motion Selection Guide pdf700 series